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The Meaning

What is all about our signature?

“Feel, imagine, create, and inspire” encapsulates the quintessence of our philosophy, embodying the essence of luxury craftsmanship and the beauty of art. It beckons one to delve into the depths of sensory experience, to feel the delicate touch of natural raw materials, the smell of nature in leather, the whisper of threads intertwining in a dance of creation. It calls upon the boundless realms of imagination, where dreams intertwine with reality, birthing visions of unparalleled splendor and elegance.

In the act of creation, our artists transcend the mundane, harnessing the mastery of savoir faire to mold raw materials into masterpieces that transcend time itself. Each stitch, each brushstroke, a testament to the meticulous dedication to perfection, weaving a tapestry of beauty and artistry.

Yet, beyond the realm of mere aesthetics, creations serve a higher purpose – to inspire. They are not mere objects, but vessels of emotion, conduits of inspiration that stir the soul and ignite the imagination of our individuality. They whisper stories of passion and aspiration, inviting others to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and expression.

In this symphony of sensation and vision, “Feel, imagine, create, and inspire” stands as our guiding star, illuminating the path towards the creation of luxury products that transcend the bounds of time and space, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of human experience.


Embodies the ineffable essence that emanates from creations, encompassing the harmonious fusion of aesthetic appeal, emotional depth, and tactile allure.


The visionary process of conceiving and crafting novel and savvy experiences through objects that transcend conventional boundaries, igniting the imagination and evoking a sense of originality, individuality and enchantment.


The sacred act of bringing forth singular beauty through pure craftsmanship, fueled by a vision that emanates authenticity, innovation, and a profound connection to the essence of artistry and luxury.


Encapsulates the transformative power of pure artisanship and unique vision to awaken creativity, evoke emotion, and propel the world toward higher levels of beauty, potential and innovation.


What Is


Haute Couture


The Future


Is Fashion


Who Is
the Creative

The Creative Director shoulders the noble responsibility of safeguarding the illustrious legacy of a brand, serving as its steward of tradition and innovation alike. Charged with the supervision of every facet of collection creation, from conceptualization to realization, the Creative Director orchestrates a symphony of creativity and craftsmanship, ensuring each garment is imbued with the essence of the brand’s heritage. Moreover, the Creative Director plays a pivotal role in shaping and refining the brand’s image, meticulously crafting narratives and visual identities that resonate with discerning audiences, thus cementing the brand’s position at the pinnacle of sartorial excellence.

Creative Observer

Skillfully discern emerging fashion currents and preempting evolving customer desires with acumen


Conduct meticulous analysis of product and market dynamics, fostering informed decision-making.


Craft collections that seamlessly weave contemporary trends with the timeless narrative of the brand’s heritage.


Collaborate intimately with the workshop’s artisans, leveraging our signature “feel, imagine, create and inspire” to elevate creative visions into tangible masterpieces.


Guide and endorse explorations into textiles, silhouettes, motifs and cuts, ensuring each element harmonizes with the envisioned aesthetic of the brand’s heritage.

Brand identity

Infuse artistic inspiration by defining the atelier’s image and sculpt its visual identity with a blend of innovation and respect for tradition.

Visuals Manager

Establish a cohesive artistic directive permeating all facets of production, from capsule collections to immersive events and captivating shows.


Who Is
the Marketing

At the core of the brand Marketing Manager’s methodology lies an unwavering commitment to personalized engagement. Embracing an ethos centered on human connection, they meticulously craft the primary contours of the commercial strategy. This involves seamlessly integrating personalized products and services, meticulously tailored to fulfill the unique needs and desires of each discerning customer. By prioritizing this bespoke approach, the Marketing Manager cultivates deep and enduring relationships with clientele, fostering loyalty and driving sustained business growth.


Conduct comprehensive analyses of market trends and competitive landscapes to offer insightful diagnoses and strategic recommendations.


Pioneer the development of inventive and distinctive promotional instruments, setting the brand apart in a crowded marketplace.


Quantify the efficacy of implemented systems aimed at brand development, employ metrics to gauge their impact and refine strategies accordingly.


Excel in the seamless execution of flawless events, infused with pioneering concepts and unwaveringly consistent branding, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impression.


Offer comprehensive editorial and operational support for communication materials, ensuring every piece resonates with the brand’s ethos and strategic objectives.


Orchestrate the alignment of content and proposing dynamic formats for events, curating experiences that resonate deeply with target audiences and drive engagement.


Who Is
the Communications

The Communications Manager serves as the primary ambassador and guardian of a luxury brand’s image and reputation. Is a multi-faceted role, encompassing strategic planning, brand elevation, reputation management, and fostering strong relationships with key stakeholders. Through expertise in communications, media relations, and brand storytelling, the Communications Manager drives the narrative that defines a brand in the eyes of the world.

Brand Guardian

Safeguards the integrity and essence of a brand through developing and implementing strategies to ensure that all communications align with the brand values, aesthetic, and positioning within the luxury market.


Spearheads initiatives to elevate the profile of a brand across various channels, including traditional media, digital platforms, and high-profile events, through  compelling campaigns, partnerships, and collaborations, that enhances visibility and desirability.


Manages and mitigates potential risks to the brand’s reputation, addressing crises, managing controversies, or responding to inquiries, to preserve the trust and esteem customers place in a brand.

Media Relations

Develops and nurtures relationships with key media outlets, influencers, and industry insiders by effectively pitching stories, securing media coverage, and arranging press events.

Content Strategy

Leads the development of compelling and captivating content that resonates through editorial features, social media campaigns, or immersive brand experiences, thanks to a creative vision and storytelling prowess that captivate hearts and minds.

Market Intel

Stays abreast of industry trends, consumer insights, and competitive landscape to inform strategic decisions and opportunities for innovation thanks to a keen understanding of market dynamics.

Our advisory partners

Our visionary force in luxury fashion investments is backed by our esteemed advisory partners: the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode and the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.

At Fiparin, we’re dedicated to identifying and nurturing the next generation of luxury brands and promising designers, shaping the future of fashion. Our unique approach combines financial acumen with industry expertise, ensuring that each investment reflects not only potential returns but also cultural relevance and creative excellence.

With the guidance of our advisory partners, we integrate their wisdom, experience and recommendations into our internal selection committees. Their invaluable insights and connections enrich our decision-making processes, advising the Board of Directors and the CEO on selecting the most promising investment prospects.

This collaborative synergy empowers Fiparin to stay at the forefront of fashion independence and innovation, fostering meaningful partnerships that elevate both brands and the industry as a whole. Our journey is to redefine luxury and shape the landscape of tomorrow’s world.


Strategic Partnerships
For our Investees


A higher education institution offering postgraduate courses and applied research for the fashion, luxury goods, design and textile industries, and overall creative industries.

Institut Français de la Mode

Paris, France


Stellae offers warehouse space, fully equipped to handle accessories, garments on hangers, flat-pack merchandise, bulk storage on pallets, as well as temperature controlled rooms for perfume and other cosmetic materials in NYC.

Stellae International Inc.

New York, NY


Zedonk is a 360 degree fashion erp platform, trusted by 1000s of brands and showrooms across 45 countries. It offers cloud, specialist and modular software.


London, England


Our model
for entrepreneurs
and brands.

In a world where tradition meets innovation, where heritage intertwines with avant-garde, we stand as pioneers in the realm of fashion and luxury brand investment. At our core lies a belief that creativity knows no bounds and independence fuels the spirit of innovation.

Our investment model transcends the conventional, embracing the ethos of daring visionaries and independent minds. We champion those who dare to dream, who embrace values with respect to heritage, and who redefine the very fabric of luxury.

In our pursuit of excellence, we celebrate the artists, the craftsmen, and the entrepreneurs who breathe life into their creations. We honor their individuality, their ingenuity, and their unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries.

With a focus on nurturing talent and fostering growth, we provide a platform for creatives to flourish. Our innovative approach empowers brands to remain true to their essence while embracing the winds of change.

Join us in our quest to shape the future of fashion and luxury, where creativity reigns supreme, and independence is celebrated. Together, let’s forge a path of endless possibilities and redefine what it means to be truly visionary in a world that craves innovation.

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