The flagship luxury

The Exquisite

Iconic names, unique talents

As an investor, Fiparin proves its full commitment to glamorous style and craftsmanship.


The Company

We invest in exceptional, innovative companies and products that cover the full spectrum of fashion luxury categories.


Across Geographies

We generate revenue globally through our reportable segments. We also have wholesale arrangements pursuant to which we sell products to geographic licensees with respect to the brands. Our goal is to continue to create long-term brand value as shareholder by increasing our revenue and profits and strengthening our global brands. We also believe that sound environmental and social policies are both ethically correct and fiscally responsible.


Global personal luxury goods industry

We believe that our innovative and luxurious product offerings and customer engagement initiatives across all three brands position us to capitalize on the continued growth of the global personal luxury goods industry.


A winning strategy

As a global fashion luxury investor, our portfolio consists of over 30 iconic brands defined by fashion luxury products with a reputation for world­ class design and innovation. The founder-led design teams of the companies, including our partner strategic groups, are supported by our senior management team with extensive experience across a broad range of disciplines in the retail industry, including design, sales, marketing, public relations, merchandising, real estate, supply chain and finance.

Top of the game

Our Luxury Houses

Fiparin is home to 50+
distinguished luxury
houses rooted in 3
different market segments.


Houses that satisfy the criteria of the FHCM (The Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture) relating to the intelligence of the hand, to personalization, to the rhythm of the collections, to the know-how of the workshops which must be located in Paris and to the highest creativity.


Brands that have been present in the market for a significant period of time and have managed to establish a strong presence and a solid identity in the minds of consumers. These brands have often been around for decades and sometimes even centuries, and have built a loyal customer base and solid reputation over time.


Brands that are recognizable and known by a wide audience and are associated with products or services of high quality and reliability.


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The company

"Feel, Imagine, Create and Inspire"

A family-run company, Fiparin strives to ensure the long-term development of each of its Houses in keeping with their identity, their heritage and their expertise. Our identity is the product of a rich and diverse history, driven by the exceptional heritage of the brands that make up our investment portfolio and by the natural links between art, culture, and heritage.

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