A company
with a total
of €1.2B


Fiparin is an independent and diversified industrial group

We have proven ability to grow, the achievement of positive results and the generation of substantial cash flows.


Committed Investor
in Luxury Brands

We manage minority investments, focused on international listed and unlisted companies that manage brands that are able to express “excellence” and leadership positions in the respective reference sectors.


Trusted Advisor
for Investees

We give advisory in the field of M&A / corporate finance and in the field of extraordinary finance mainly targeted to the needs of small and mid-size company of entrepreneurial individuals and families working in the luxury sector.


A 21st Century Ventures Expert in Luxury

We back extraordinary entrepreneurs who have a clearly-articulated vision with billion-dollar market opportunities, who are willing to change the rules of consumer demand and are ready to craft outstanding customer experiences.


A Committed Investor for Companies with Great Potential

Fiparin invests with a medium-long term time horizon – some investments are part of the portfolio by more than 10 years – without requiring guaranteed way-outs after a certain period of time.


A Unique Business Partner

We are a partner with unique characteristics in the world for both entrepreneurs and companies in which we invest.


How We Do It


A Single Effort

Fiparin invests on behalf of the companies and trusts of the Vergara Poeti-Marentini family with the goal of enhancement and growth of businesses.


100% Independent

Fiparin is independent from all major banking and financial groups, including major luxury conglomerates.


An Outstanding Portfolio

Our investment portfolio – direct and through club deals – formed by excellent companies, leaders in their respective sectors, has a current value of over 3 billion euro.


``Calm Investments``

Our model of “calm capital” has a long-term investment horizon, characteristic that allows to structure a path of valorization of the investment of common interest with the entrepreneur and the top management, without imposing exit or IRR constraints.


High-Performance Returns

We have been able to generate interesting returns for our shareholders that has been around and beyond 450% for the last 10 years.


We Value our Investees

The deep knowledge of the dynamics that characterizes family businesses and the ability to rationalize their governance allow a complete alignment of interests while the entrepreneurs maintain the operating guide of their companies.


Our signature in investments

Our core business is focused on investments in minority stakes of European, American and Latin American listed and private companies.

We seek competitive advantage in the reference market and expectations of sustainable growth. Potential interest, in case of private companies, to enter into an IPO process.

We value or help to build a qualified management, with successful track record and a long-term perspective to maintain the control of the company.

The investment activity is carried out directly by Fiparin or through “club deals” and special purpose vehicles, depending on the size of the target company and the investment.


A High Performance Team

Our team of professionals has over thirty years of experience and focused on creating value, able to interact effectively with entrepreneurs, companies, banks and professionals in the field of corporate finance, making processes streamlined and fast.


  • Max Vergara Poeti-Marentini: Chairman and CEO of Fiparin, one the biggest privately-owned investors in medium and large size companies with €3 billion. Fiparin is also one of the largest European networks of entrepreneurs (coinvestors).
  • Matthijs Huisman: Managing Director of Fiparin. Former Acquisitions & Innovation Director of Fiparin (2016-2024)
  • Kathlene Sutton: Acquisitions & Innovation Director of Fiparin, with a long track record in private banking, investments and acquisitions.


Paolo Vitelli Chairman of Azimut Benetti Group
Jonathan Akeroyd CEO of Burberry Group
John Idol CEO of Capri Holdings
Stefano Rosso Board Member of OTB Group
Lorenzo Bertelli Executive Director Prada Group
Philippe Blondiaux Global CFO, Chanel Ltd.
Max Vergara Poeti-Marentini Chairman of the Board
Marietta Poeti-Marentini Director
Carol Lim Independent Director
Alexis Babeau Independent Director

The Investees

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The company

"Feel, Imagine, Create and Inspire"

A family-run company, Fiparin strives to ensure the long-term development of each of its Houses in keeping with their identity, their heritage and their expertise. Our identity is the product of a rich and diverse history, driven by the exceptional heritage of the brands that make up our investment portfolio and by the natural links between art, culture, and heritage.

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