Max Vergara Poeti-Marentini appointed CEO of Fiparin


Fiparin is announcing the appointment of Mr. Max Vergara Poeti-Marentini as CEO of Fiparin, effective March 20, 2024.

He succeeds Mr. Thomas Sessler, who was acting CEO of Fiparin (2017-2024) and is currently Investment Manager at Igli United Kingdom.

Mr. Max Vergara Poeti-Marentini is an Italian/Colombian national with a long track record in investments and the luxury industry in Europe and America. He started his career at Deutsche Bank in 2011 and went on to hold a range of roles for private equity funds, specifically in the United States and Latin America.

As CEO of Fiparin, Mr. Vergara Poeti-Marentini’s mission will aim at accelerating the expansion of the company’s luxury portfolio to tap the investee’s full potential.

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