Swatch launches art-inspired watch collection with Tate Galleries

Swiss watchmaker Swatch has teamed up with London’s Tate galleries to launch the Swatch x Tate Gallery Collection. The collection merges Swatch’s long-standing love affair with art, with the iconic artworks curated by Tate to offer a range of watches featuring seven artworks by artists including Marc Chagall, Joan Miró, and Fernand Léger.

“The Swatch x Tate Gallery Collection reflects the essence of the Swatch brand in a way that none of its art collaborations have before. Our partnership represents a journey through time, genre and self- expression. The iconic artists and unique works chosen for this year’s collection reflect the boundary pushing, innovation, positive provocation, and joie de vivre that Swatch is known for,” Swatch said in a news statement.

In particular, Turner’s Scarlet Sunset watch showcases JMW Turner’s mastery of light and color, while Chagall’s Blue Circus brings Marc Chagall’s whimsical circus imagery to life. Miro’s Women and Bird in the Moonlight reflects Joan Miró’s abstract style, and Leger’s Two Women Holding Flowers offers a moment of timeless elegance inspired by Fernand Léger.

Meanwhile, Matisse’s Snail invites wearers to embrace creativity, and Barns-Graham’s Orange and Red on Pink bursts with vibrant colors celebrating life and art. Lastly, Bourgeois’s Spirals encourages relaxation and positivity with its uplifting design inspired by Louise Bourgeois’s use of spirals.

The Swatch x Tate Gallery Collection is now available in Swatch stores worldwide and on, as well as in Tate’s gallery shops. Prices range from $100 to $110.

Via The Fashion Network


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