Lanas del Sur to merge with AV-Holdings Australia

Lanas del Sur (est. in 1909), a leading company in the production of fine natural yarns, controlled by Fiparin and with operations in Chilean and Argentine Patagonia, will merge with Australian Vergara Holdings PTY Ltd. – AV-Holdings (est. in 1992), a leading private company in the production of Merino wool and meat export.

The merger, decided after an agreement was reached within the framework of reorganization of Fiparin’s portfolio, and with a view to successfully executing the company’s 2024-2027 Strategic Plan, seeks to unite efforts under the same seal for the production and commercialization of fibers from Merino and Alpaca sheep, in the same portfolio and under a unified logistics network.

Lanas del Sur annually produces more than 900 thousand kilograms of high quality fibers (ultrafine, superfine, fine, medium and strong) that it processes through its textile factories in Italy and the United Kingdom. AV-Holdings produces about 600 thousand kilograms of Merino wool fibers per year which are processed in Australia and China, which will bring a combined production of 1.5 million kilograms of fibers. The merger will allow the consolidation of a giant in the textile industry, with an extended processing network in 4 countries.

The CEO of Fiparin, Max Vergara Poeti-Marentini, stated that the consolidation of both companies into a single orbit of purpose is the first step to guarantee the supply of sustainable textiles for the fashion and footwear industry. “It is a great step on the right path to help decontaminate the industry, today we have technologies that allow fibers from merino sheep and alpacas to be used in a variety of clothing items, including shoes. When people think of wool, they think of sweaters and gloves, but today we can make textiles from these environmentally friendly wools that replace almost any other fabric – except polyesters.

In the coming days Fiparin will announce the name of the executive who will lead both companies, now under a single umbrella, and that he or she will be in charge of leading the merger and consolidation of its operations.

Lanas del Sur currently has offices in Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina; while AV-Holdings has its headquarters in New South Wales, Australia.

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