Brunello Cucinelli acquires the Sartoria Eugubina couture workshop

Brunello Cucinelli is bolstering its production capacity while honoring Italy’s esteemed textile heritage. The Italian luxury brand is acquiring Sartoria Eugubina, a renowned couture workshop specializing in high-end tailoring and made-to-measure garments, nestled in Gubbio, Umbria. Having previously served as a supplier to the luxury house, Sartoria Eugubina boasts a prestigious clientele including Dior, Ferragamo, and Ralph Lauren. However, the financial specifics of the acquisition remain undisclosed.

With existing production facilities in Solomeo, near Perugia, Umbria, where its headquarters are located, the cashmere brand is seeking to expand its manufacturing capabilities. In May 2023, construction commenced on a new factory in Penne, situated further south in the Abruzzo region. Spanning 4,500 square meters, the facility is expected to be operational by 2025, employing around 350 people. In conjunction with the acquisition of Sartoria Eugubina in Gubbio, located 60 kilometers from Solomeo, Brunello Cucinelli has announced plans to establish a new manufacturing facility in the city.

Described as “la bella fabbrica” (the beautiful factory) by the company, the new production complex in Gubbio will offer a splendid view of the medieval citadel, fostering a harmonious environment for creativity and craftsmanship. Further details regarding the facility have not been provided in the company’s statement.

Founded in 2015 by a group of skilled seamstresses who were collectively laid off from a textile factory where they had worked for seven years, Sartoria Eugubina represents a story of resilience and revival. With collective investment and support from local institutions and a textile industry manager turned shareholder, the workshop has thrived, witnessing a significant increase in revenue and doubling its workforce to 70 highly skilled employees. The founders have imparted their expertise in Italian tailoring techniques to younger generations, ensuring the preservation of artisanal traditions.

Founder and executive chairman Brunello Cucinelli emphasized, “This small yet significant Sartoria Eugubina carries a noble legacy of authentic craftsmanship, earning well-deserved admiration. I deeply appreciate the invaluable efforts of those who have preserved it to this day, and we are very pleased with this acquisition, which enriches us with truly exceptional human resources.”


Via Fashion Network

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