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Since 2001

When released in 2001,
the Mille timepiece
placed the brand at
the highest summit
of the entire luxury
watch market.

For Richard Mille, it was the direct fruition of decades of experience gained by guiding diverse wristwatch and elite jewelry brands in the creation, management and development of a myriad of high profile projects. This deep fascination for technology, his expertise and personal passion for racing cars combined with his extreme sensitivity to design and ergonomics, meant that no watch in existence at the time could ever really meet your expectations of him.

At the age of fifty, Richard Mille decided to create his own brand, with the idea of pushing watchmaking beyond anything that existed at the time, with a new contemporary approach to horology. He was planning to develop one product: the watch of his dreams, an approach that involved operating with little regard for production costs, which were excessive.


Diminutive marvels
of technology,
painstakingly produced
in limited quantities,
designed specifically
for those with a true
appreciation of fine watchmaking.

A watch designed by Richard Mille is characterized by the absence of superfluity.
Just as we find in today’s high-speed racing cars, function dictates form; there is neither use nor room for an approach driven solely by aesthetics. For the brand, every pinion, lever and spring must fulfill its mission, meeting the highest standards of security and precision.

The creation of a timepiece demands a balancing act between total volume, the physical requirements of the movement and its specific features, however, the user’s comfort is equally essential.

This was at the heart of the original tonneau shape developed by Richard Mille at the brand’s beginning. Regardless of whether a particular RM model is slim or massive, its shape ensures optimal comfort, never interfering with the owner’s physical movements.

Those clients who understood the uncompromising quality of such a visionary product, predestined this first creation to become an unequivocal success. Today, 20 years later, the Richard Mille watch collection now comprises more than eighty models, each designed and produced with the same passion and uncompromising principles that guided Richard Mille’s first creation.

Experience & Innovation

Richard Mille is an example of a successful formula enshrined in a long-term vision.





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